Listen to the Remix of Sam Smith's 'I'm Not the Only One' Featuring A$AP Rocky

Rocky name drops Beyoncé.

Sam Smith has unveiled his official remix for his heart-wrenching ballad 'I'm Not the Only One' with some poignant guest verses from none other than A$AP Rocky.

Amidst the sullen-yet-soulful track, the rapper proves to be just as vulnerable as Smith as he laments his own failed relationship. He opens the song with some confessional-style lyrics (and inherently fierce Beyoncé references): "Like Beyoncé, to getting by or to 'Get Embodied', so Sasha Fierce, a whole lot of tears rolling down her cheeks, crying till she's sound asleep. Preach, pray that today is not a lonely one. You got to know you're not the only one."

In his second verse, Rocky rounds out his requiem delving deeper into how his past mistakes and subsequent heartbreak. Listen to the remix, below, and if you haven't already, dive head first into Smith's debut album The Lonely Hour.

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