Great Thing of the Day: Katy Perry Belts Out 'All by Myself' in Her Cheeto Costume

Sad, lonely cheeto.

katy perry cheeto costume
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Normally I'm not the biggest fan of incredibly recent #TBTs ("flashback to two days ago, when I ate this pasta!" "Throwing it back to when I got married on Saturday and now I'm Instagramming from my honeymoon because it's SO FUN!") but for Katy Perry's #TBT today, I'll make an exception. The 30-year-old pop star just posted this gem of herself wearing last Friday's Cheeto Halloween costume while singing "All by Myself," suggesting that although the Cheeto costume will obviously get laughs, it might not get you laid:

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Just kidding, obviously everyone wants to make out with Katy Perry; she clearly chose to go home and snuggle her teddy bear by herself. Although, technically you doooo have your teddy bear with you, Katy, so you're not really alone?

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