Justin Timberlake Returns with New Single, "Suit & Tie"

Today, Justin Timberlake dropped his first single, featuring Jay-Z, off the new Timbaland-produced album.

Last week, America's favorite boy band alum released a mysterious video that alluded to a new, soon-to-be released album that promised fresh beats and exciting collaborations. And today, JT dropped his first single off the new Timbaland-produced album, The 20/20 Experience, which has made his fans have substantially better Mondays.

"Suit & Tie" is his first single since 2007 and The 20/20 Experience will be his first official album since 2006, during which he took a musical hiatus to focus on his acting. The track, featuring Jay-Z, does not disappoint. It features that jazzy, ultra-cool, glossy sound that made his last FutureSex/LoveSounds album so highly successful, while also including that signature smooth voice with which many of us have grown up.

Halfway through the track, Jay-Z lays down some very Jay-esque lyrics, like, "This is trouble season, time for tuxedos for no reason." It's a fitting lyric for a song about rolling up to a club to fall in love, all while immaculately dressed (of course). Needless to say, this is not the last time we'll hear something this groovy from JT.

Sadly, all YouTube videos promising a free listen have been removed, but you can still listen to and purchase "Suit & Tie" on iTunes.

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