A Phone Case Fit For An Iron Throne

Ever wanted to hold the mighty iron throne in the palm of your hand? Thanks to one talented Etsy seller, you can. For those you Game of Thrones fans that are seriously die-hard about you love for the show, you can now display that love with an "iron throne" iPhone case. The case resembles the show's iconic set piece on a smaller scale, complete with gold swords and long spires jutting out the top. It's just $24.99 on TheCommonRoom on Etsy, and it's available for multiple generations of iPhones from the 4 to the 5S.

Hopefully an iPhone case that's as strong as the iron throne will protect well against unwanted screen shatter in case of a clumsy phone drop (which let's face it, happens to all of us). Although, with those pointy edges should ensure that you wield this case with caution. If a Game of Thrones-inspired smart phone exterior isn't enough for you, transform your apps as well. Start with the official GoT app, George RR Martin 's A World of Ice and Fire or the Game of ThronesTrivia app.

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