Amy Adams's Cut 'SNL' Parody of 'Love Actually' Is Hilarious

Another day, another awesome sketch that didn't make it to air.

SNL Love Actually parody
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The fact that Amy Adams was able to keep a straight face at all during Saturday Night Live's Love Actually spoof this weekend is reason enough to give her that damn Oscar already.

The sketch, which was cut from the show for time, recreates the film's famously romantic creepy scene in which a man (played by Pete Davidson) confesses his love for his best friend's wife armed with confessional posters and a boombox playing "Silent Night." Admirably, Adams keeps a straight face for the majority of the four-minute sketch, but loses it in infectious, giggly fashion towards the end.

For now, let us say, without hope or agenda, you must stop everything and watch this immediately.

Lauren Valenti
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