Favorite Married Couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to Play New Favorite On-Screen Married Couple

Not a stretch at all.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski on a night out.
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Unpretentious famous-person duo Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are already dangerously cute together, so what would happen if you animated their little faces and stuck them under a magical big top? I don't know—the human brain wasn't made to comprehend that much adorableness.

Because the smart thing to do was to combine acting, spending time near each other, and making money, Blunt and Krasinski—who previously worked on Miyazaki's The Wind Rises together—are lending their voices to Zoe and John in the indie feature Animal CrackersVariety reports the cartoon film will be about a couple "whose family life is turned upside down when they inherit a rundown circus and a mysterious box of Animal Crackers, which magically changes the person who eats them into animals." Yes. This is not a scam because Sylvester Stallone, Ian "You Shall Not Pass" McKellen, and Danny DeVito are also part of the cast.

Let's all hope it does well, so we can be privy to another mid-acceptance bear hug. Please.

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