Taylor Swift Endorses Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's "All Too Well" Parody From 'SNL'

She loves it.

Host Ryan Gosling during the Monologue on Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Taylor Swift has bestowed her invaluable endorsement on Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's Saturday Night Live interpretation of her song "All Too Well."

Resharing a video of the performance on Twitter, Swift wrote, "All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version) !!! Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is EVERYTHING," adding heart hands and clapping emojis.

This past Saturday, Blunt made a surprise cameo in Gosling's SNL monologue—an appearance which was especially welcome, since the two are costars on upcoming film The Fall Guy, and also competed in last summer's Barbenheimer battle (she starred in Oppenheimer, he in Barbie).

The Notebook star declared to the audience that he was getting over his "breakup" with the character of Ken the only way he knows how, with a little help from the music of Taylor Swift. He then sat down at the piano as the first notes of "All Too Well" began to play, and sang Ken-related lyrics wistfully.

Gosling floored the audience with the line, "If I said that I was doin' fine, you know I'd be lyin', 'cause I was just Ken, and now I'm just Ryan"—after which Blunt made her entrance saying, "No, no, no, no" and asking, "What are you doing?" before berating Gosling for deviating from their "plan" for promoting The Fall Guy.

When the La La Land actor refused to let it go, Blunt started smashing objects against him to get him to stop. But after a little coaxing about whether she missed Oppenheimer, she joined her costar in reprising "All Too Well."

They capped their brilliant bit with the lines, "We were Kitty and Ken / And I wish you could have seen us / You were loyal to the end / And your guy had no penis."

The performance comes just days after Gosling revealed that he's a huge Swiftie himself, and that his favorite song is—you guessed it—"All Too Well." Full circle moment!

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