Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Sang Together at the Chanel Show Last Night

It was as epic as it sounds.

Cara Delevingne ad Pharrell perform on stage side by side.
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It is a Fact of Life that Karl Lagerfeld can do whatever he wants, so quite casually—on a Tuesday evening, no less—he transplanted his Métiers d'Art show from Salzburg (opens in new tab) to New York, kept the branded pretzels (leftovers?) the same, but threw in a super chill surprise performance by Cara Delevingne and Pharrell.

To an audience that included Beyoncé and Dakota Johnson, the stars of Chanel's latest fashion film "Reincarnation" (opens in new tab) sang "CC the World," a faintly creepy lullaby Pharrell wrote so he could pretend to be a bellhop, then the spirit of some monarch whose portrait hangs in Future Hotel Worker Pharrell's lobby. How was their harmonizing, you ask? Did Beyoncé call off the collaboration (opens in new tab) when Cara almost hit the [insert your own note because I don't have perfect pitch or a tuner on me]?

Watch some snippets below:

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Bonus Beyoncé! Compartmentalize-dancing next to the Kaiser!

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