Selena Gomez Has Taylor Swift Down to a T—and Her Impersonation Proves It

"I've seen every single one of her concerts."

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
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According to sports movies, one way to get better at athletics is to sit in the dark and watch tapes of old games. Selena Gomez does this, except she substitutes "football" with "Taylor Swift concerts" and "to improve one's strategy" with "to learn all her moves so I can surpass her one day."

In a recent video interview with iHeartRadio, the "Good for You" singer accepts a fan's dare to impersonate her squad leader, which she interprets as a bent-at-the-waist hair flip, pointing at an audience of invisible admirers, then snapping one arm while the other holds a microphone. (Footage of Tay Tay doing the exact same sequence plays after, so we can really see that Selena's done her homework.)

…Or learning Taylor Swift's choreography is just another game they play at Taylor Swift parties. Either way, watch the impressiveness go down below.

Chelsea Peng
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