Did Lena Dunham Just Sort-Of Propose to Jack Antonoff?

Or rather, propose that he propose?

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Vocal gay-rights supporter Lena Dunham said earlier this year that she refused to get married until same-sex couples all across the country had the same right. Which, in case you've managed to avoid the internet and any speaking human beings for the past four and a half hours, happened—to much exultant fanfare—today.

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Because she is amazing/loves us, Dunham wasted all of, like, two minutes before giving longterm boyfriend Jack Antonoff the ol' yoohoo.

Ahem, the chronology:

First, a lovely response to SCOTUS's landmark ruling...

Next, an expectedly Dunham-y spin...

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And then, the fated tweet.

May we all enjoy this special period of time in which the internet sits on pins and needles until there is ring.

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