'SNL' Goddess Kate McKinnon Talks Playing It Weird, Robbing a Bank

Normal just isn't as funny...or as lucrative.

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Kate Mckinnon is used to being strange. (See: her countless hilarious sketches on SNL.) As Jandice, Zach Galifanakis' love interest in this fall's Masterminds, she makes crazy seem kind of fun. Here's what we mean:

Kate McKinnon: "Jandice is out of her mind—I mean, everyone in the movie is unabashedly trashy—so I spoke calmly and softly, even though the words coming out of my mouth were not. I like to play characters who are trying really hard to be normal. I'm hoping something Dickensian will pop up soon—Victorian London hasn't figured into my repertoire yet. Other than that, the greatest challenge would just be acting normal."

MC: There's a
beautiful still from the film (opens in new tab)
of you and Zach embracing each other on a swing set. What's going on there?

KM: "So much sweating. So much. It was so hot. We were in denim and wool, but we were having a lot of fun."

MC: The film centers around a big bank robbery—how would you go through with a heist?

KM: "Oh my goodness. Well, I would only rob a bank under very certain circumstances, which would have to do with treating a sick family member. But I would go all out. Costumes, a weapon...but no one gets hurt, obviously. Yeah, I would get that money."

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