Kate Middleton Made a Secret Visit to a Women's Prison

Where there was hope and the sharing of personal stories.

Kate Middleton
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Ambitious family planner Kate Middleton visited a women's prison early Friday in a continuation of her charity work supporting inmates struggling with substance abuse.

According to People, the Duchess of Cambridge spent time speaking with inmates at Send Prison and leaders of the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust, which services 26 prisons in the U.K.

"I was reminded today how addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and how substance misuse can play such destructive role in vulnerable people's lives," she said in a statement. "I saw again today that a failure to intervene early in life to tackle mental health problems and other challenges can have profound consequences for people throughout their lives."

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What makes the meeting secret is that Kensington Palace did not announce it beforehand and even asked the media to "keep quiet" until the Duchess had left, People reports. A much different mood from that time she hung out on the set of Downton Abbey, but it can't be chocolate and free sandwiches all the time, no?

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