Katy Perry's Performing at a Hillary Clinton Rally in Iowa, Will Probably Not Bring Left Shark

But maybe, at least, a mechanical lion?

Katy Perry
(Image credit: Getty)

Until Katy Perry and Left Shark declare their intention to run for office in 2020, they'll be throwing their support behind Chillary as she prepares for the Iowa caucuses.

The campaign said Saturday (via Variety) that Forbes's top-earning celebrity would make an appearance at a rally in Des Moines on October 24, possibly with a mechanical lion and whipped-cream canisters in tow. (Not an exact quote.)

Will she bring John Mayer? Will she lead the Iowans in crowd-chanting "Firework?" What about the new theme song she promised she'd write for Hillary "if she needs it?"—will we hear it here first? Clinton's still leading Bernie Sanders in the polls, so better to save "Dark Horse (Reworked)" for a truly bad day.

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