John Mayer Was "Literally" a Horse on Tinder for One Day

"If you're me and you want to go on social media like that, you have to pretend to be another species."

John Mayer Talks About Dating on Tinder and Raya 2016
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True, dating is hard as a normal person, but dating as a celebrity seems to be quite hard, too. While you may have people interested in you, they may be interested for all the wrong reasons—plus, finding "normal" people to go out with can't be easy. (See: celebrities dating other celebrities. Or fans. Or bartenders.) Which is why, at an intimate IfOnly concert event in San Francisco, John Mayer laid it out for the audience about going on a dating app with a totally recognizable face. In sum: He doesn't.

"I was literally a horse on Tinder for about a day or two," he said, laughing. "I just wanted to know what it was like. If you're me and you want to go on social media like that, you have to pretend to be another species." 

"I'm a fruit fly on Raya," he continued to joke. "Check me out." 

Two things: 1) John, maybe it's time to own it? Hilary Duff did and had a great time. 2) With rumors that he's back on with Katy Perry, we doubt he's frequenting any app right now. But message out to all those on apps looking for love/a hookup/whatever—don't be so quick to swipe left on that image of a goat. It just might be your Hollywood crush. 

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