Sia and James Corden Sing Carpool Karaoke (in Matching Wigs, Naturally)

BRB, attaching giant bow to head.

Sia and James Corden Sing Carpool Karaoke
(Image credit: YouTube)

Fact: There ain't no carpool like a James Corden carpool, because a James Corden carpool has Sia. 

The singer and her wig showed up for a ride around Los Angeles with James (also in a wig, FYI) and they sang everything from "Elastic Heart" to "Diamonds." Obviously, Sia had some trouble actually getting into James' car due to the massive Cruella De Vil fringe covering her eyes—but there's an explanation.

"I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up and decided I didn't want to be an artist anymore because I was starting to get a little famous, and it was destabilizing in some way," she explained. "I thought, 'What doesn't exist in pop music at the moment?' And it's mystery."

True that. Watch James and Sia's hang session below, where they discuss everything from Sia's ability to hold eggs (just go with it), to her belief in aliens. "I watched a video of the ex-Canadian minister of defense just saying plainly he knows for a fact that the American government are working with five different alien races," Sia told James, who was just like 😱. "My blood ran cold."

The truth is out there. Sia says so.

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