Jack Antonoff and Zedd Offer to Produce Kesha's Music Post-Court Ruling

Could this be Kesha's golden ticket?

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Kesha's ongoing legal battle with Sony and Dr. Luke is highly complex, but at the end of the day, she's unable to make music unless she agrees to work under a label where she's allegedly experienced sexual and emotional abuse (opens in new tab). Dr. Luke's guilt/innocence aside, no woman should have to work with a man she feels uncomfortable with, and Kesha has been left with limited options.

recent court ruling (opens in new tab) denied the singer an injunction that would allow her to record music outside of Sony, but both Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff (AKA Lena Dunham's boyfriend) and producer Zedd have offered to help the singer leak material.

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For his part, Dr. Luke has claimed (through his lawyers) that Kesha's "free" to record music without him (opens in new tab) under Sony's label. But is that really a win if she's uncomfortable working there? Probably not. 

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