Watch Amber Heard and Christopher Walken Go Toe-to-Toe in This Exclusive Clip from New Movie 'One More Time'

The pink hair is 👌.
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Courtesy of One More Time

Amber Heard, our December cover girl and perennial girl crush, shows off her musical talents and yet another enviable hair style—it's pink this time—in One More Time, her newest film alongside Christopher Walken. And lucky for you, we have an exclusive clip to share.

Heard plays Jude, Walken's daughter, a struggling musician living in her father's shadow with an overachieving sister, a difficult love life, and a recent eviction notice that lands her exactly where she doesn't want to be: her dad's house. Walken is Paul, a one-time successful musician who lives in the past and is looking for a late-career comeback. Both Jude and Paul find themselves in parallel positions, trying to reinvent themselves at the same time.

Meet the father-daughter duo in our exclusive clip below.

Heard learned how to play the guitar and sings all of her own songs in the movie, as does Walken. One More Time also stars Kelli Garner, Hamish Linklater, Oliver Platt, and Ann Magnuson. It opens in theaters and on demand on April 8. 

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