Katy Perry Won Her Battle Against Those Pesky Nuns Trying to Crush Her Convent-Owning Dreams


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Lest you forget, Katy Perry's spent the past few months trying to buy a convent for $14.5 million, which seems like a totally normal thing to do, so don't even question it. But tragically, two nuns have been cramping her style by trying to sell the property to Los Angeles restaurateur, Dana Hollister, for a cool $15.5 million.

Basically, it all boils down to whether the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has the right to sell the property to Katy, or whether the nuns have the right to sell it to Hollister. But now, after months of convent-induced anxiety, it looks like Katy has come out on top. 

A Los Angeles judge just blocked the sisters' sale to Hollister, paving the way for Katy to go forward with her offer—that is, if the nuns don't appeal the decision, which is a big if. 

It's just like, ugh, NUNS, right?

(Also, never has the question "WWJD?" been more relevant.)

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