Squad VIP Martha Hunt Sounds off on Hiddleswift

Summary: she's here for it.

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Tom Hiddleston recently broke his very posh and self-deprecating silence, and revealed that yes, he is dating Taylor Swift, and no, they're not in it for the publicity. The simple truth is that Tom's become a fully integrated member of Taylor Swift's squad on his own volition, and fellow squad goaler Martha Hunt is preaching some truth about the couple's relationship.

"I love that they're both happy and free together," she said. "It's amazing, I'm all about people being happy in love."

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Hunt went on to say that a "very charming" Tom got along "wonderfully" with Taylor's friends over Fourth of July weekend, where he was seen wearing an "I Heart T.S." tank top. Cut to the ghosts of our forefathers being all #GOALS!

Also noteworthy, this quote came courtesy of an appearance at a Pepsi event celebrating World Emoji Day, giving Hunt an amazing opportunity to say that Hiddleswift's relationship is best represented as an emoji "with the biggest smile."


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