The Meaning Behind Cara Delevingne's Bacon Foot Tattoo Is as Amazing as You'd Expect

"It's also scratch 'n' sniff."

Cara Delevingne
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For her 14th piece of body art, Cara Delevingne had "BACON" inked onto her foot like Tyra Banks in Lifesize. Logically, you wouldn't have something that didn't have personal meaning permanently punctured into your body, but as she told it to Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance, "BACON" has even more behind it than we ever thought.

"Anything bacon is good, am I right?" she asked (rhetorically, because duh) after her host inquired if it was a reference to Francis Bacon or another porcine-named historical figure. "I think so. It's bacon colored—it's maroon, also. The 'dot, dot, dot'—it's an open-ended statement, it's not a question. It's just however you want to take it."

It is, however, *not* scratch 'n' sniff, much to the "I'm Not a Trophy" campaign star's chagrin. Someday, Cara. Someday.

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