Bradley Cooper Reacts to the Republicans Who Freaked Out That He Went to the DNC

::confused McDonald's girl meme::

According to some Republicans' logic, when an actor who once starred in a movie with a possibly conservative bent directed by a known Republican attends a *Democratic* event, he then somehow betrays the entire himself. IDK either, and neither does Bradley Cooper, to whom this exact scenario happened IRL (opens in new tab) after he went to the Democratic National Convention last week.

"The Republicans were up in arms that I was there watching the president speak," he said mildly during Tuesday's James Corden, probably while his insides were like *eye roll*. He did laugh at fellow guest Todd Phillips' fire analogy—"which is like the Mob being mad at De Niro for being in The Intern"—though, so that counts for something.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

Chelsea Peng is a writer and editor who was formerly the assistant editor at She's also worked for The Strategist and Refinery29, and is a graduate of Northwestern University. On her tombstone, she would like a GIF of herself that's better than the one that already exists on the Internet and a free fro-yo machine. Besides frozen dairy products, she's into pirates, carbs, Balzac, and snacking so hard she has to go lie down.