Katy Perry Consoles the 'Catfish' Victim Who Thought They Were Dating

"My heart goes out to him."

Katy Perry
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While everyone continues to be hypnotized by the tv show Catfish and the countless romantics just looking for digital love (but seriously, how does this keep happening?), Katy Perry reveals she's not here for it.

In an interview with SiriusXM's The Morning Mashup (opens in new tab)Perry empathized with the catfish-ee who believed the two were in a long-term relationship. The victim, Spencer Morrill, went as far as having a custom engagement ring made for her with his grandmother's emerald and a diamond band.

"My heart goes out to him actually," she said. "I felt bad for him and so I didn't really like to indulge in that, because my heart would die."

Morrill believed he was dating the pop star for six years, but the relationship waned following his plans to pop the question. With the help of show host Nev Shulman, Morrill discovered he'd actually been communicating with a Katy Perry super-fan from England.


Perry also said she was unable to get through any coverage of the episode because she found the ordeal to be "really unfortunate and very sad."

Same, Katy. Same.

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Simedar Jackson
Simedar Jackson

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