Michael Phelps on That Epic Viral Stare-Down Photo

TFW you're a meme.

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If there was an Olympic medal for "epically shady penetrating stare," Michael Phelps would win every damn time. Because in case you forgot, he gifted the world this look back in August while watching his 200-meter butterfly rival Chad le Clos do some pre-swim shadowboxing.

Ok, so it's unclear what Phelps was thinking when this photo was taken (praying for Chad, bless him), but he definitely knew he was on camera.

"The worst is, I was sitting in the ready room and I remember, like, I always know there's always two cameras in the upper right hand corner," he tells Jimmy Fallon in the above video. "As I'm making a face, I'm was like, 'Yep, that's on camera…someone will pick that one up tomorrow.'"

Fallon also gifted Phelps with a life-sized photo of himself making the face, which we couldn't resist doing this to:

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The dawn of Resting Michael Phelps Face is upon us.

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