Gigi Hadid's Stalker Was Just Committed to a Psychiatric Hospital

Having a strange man follow you is the most prevalent (and depressing) trend in Hollywood right now.

Gigi Hadid
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Between Taylor Swift's reported assaultKendall Jenner's alleged stalker, and Miranda Kerr's home intruder, it feels like barely a day goes by without a female celebrity being preyed on by a strange male. And while it's tough to fight these cases in court (Kendall Jenner's stalker was simply found guilty of trespassing), Gigi Hadid just got a pretty big win in her case against Marcell Porter.

Porter was reportedly committed to a psychiatric facility on October 25 after a court psychologist found him delusional and mentally unfit to stand trial. He's with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and will remain in their care until he's fit for court.

Gigi Hadid

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Porter allegedly stalked the supermodel online and in person, and even tried to break into her Soho apartment, telling the building's super that Hadid wanted to marry him. He was arrested on stalking and burglary charges after trying to break into the apartment a highly disturbing five times in one week, prompting her to put the place up for sale.

While it's clear that Porter has mental health issues and deserves help, it's impossible to ignore the growing trend of men preying on women in Hollywood. It's disturbing, depressing, alarming, and needs to stop.

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