Grab a Sweater, Because Katy Perry Just Threw Ice Cold Shade at Taylor Swift During Kanye's Concert

The little feud that could.

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Did you innocently think Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had buried the hatchet at Drake's birthday party? Think again, sweet summer child, because their feud appears to be alive and well. While Taylor has remained quiet about her centuries-long beef with Katy, the "Rise" singer took a video of herself singing along to "Famous" at Kanye West's concert, and her face during the Taylor-centric lyrics says it all.

In case you're searching for a little background on this shade fest, Taylor and Katy *allegedly* don't get along because Katy stole backup dancers from Taylor while on tour. Sounds like small beans, but no—apparently these are big beans—and in September Katy even tweeted that she'd only collaborate with Taylor if she apologized.

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What a (weird) time to be alive, everyone!

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