We Got Our Hands on Gabrielle Union's Ridiculously Romantic Holiday Photo

File under: things that happen when sneak a peek at her phone.

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Ever wondered what's on your favorite celebrity's phone (ya know, in a non-weird way)? MarieClaire.com teamed up with Gabrielle Union to unlock some cellular secrets, and got details on the actress' lock screen photo, WhatsApp chats, and even the last person she called. Let's collectively swipe right, shall we?

What was the last thing you liked on Instagram? "Kevin Hart's Christmas family photo—he and his wife came in back-to-back on my feed, so I got two different pictures of their holiday shoot. It's so representative of the #HowWeFamily campaign I am doing, they're celebrating their brand new blended family. It's awesome!"

What is the last thing you Google searched? "The Chicago Bulls schedule."

What's your phone's lock screen photo? "It's a picture of me and Dwayne right after our wedding reception. Everyone was gone—we were literally the last people to leave our wedding because we were having so much fun. It's a picture of us leaning up against this car, and I have my leg wrapped around him. We're smiling and cheesy, and in the throws of our new love."

What's your most played song? "Bruno Mars' '24K Magic.' Well, that and 'Helpless' from The Hamilton Mixtape by Ashanti and Ja Rule. It's everything. It's everything."

What do you have filed away in notes? "I don't use them. If anything, when there's something I need to remind myself of, I text myself. I'll use one phone to text the other. "

Who was the last person you called? "Gosh. I don't actually call people, I text them. Probably the last call I made would be my husband, but that might have been days ago! I don't talk to be people on the phone that much!"

The newest? "I just got proofs of our holiday photo. Trying to find the perfect holiday photo of all these proofs has been a...um...challenge. Each picture is very indicative of a whacky family."

What is your last Uber destination? "The airport to O'Hare."

How many unread messages are in your little red bubble email counter right now? "Oh, none. The idea that there is information pertaining to my life that I might be missing is too overwhelming. I check often. Email, text, Marco Polo, WhatsApp, Snapchat DMs. I'm constantly checking my phone. So, if I have not responded to you, it's not because I didn't see it! I just don't have anything to say yet."

What's your most fun WhatsApp group chat? "I have one with my friends, it's very inappropriate. The last one was about a penis mailbox. I'm trying to remember what the context was, but that's the last thing we were discussing."

And finally, what's your weirdest phone habit? "That I don't like to talk on the phone. There's something so obnoxious about talking on the phone, and I'm constantly surrounded by people either at work or at home. These days, there are so many other ways of communicating—talking out loud as if everyone wants to hear what you have to say—like I'm doing right now—I feel like such a jackass. I generally don't talk on the phone. I hate it."

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