Kim Kardashian's BFF Is Fighting with Her Ex Over Their Sex Tape

Ugh, hate when that happens.

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In case you're unaware (very doubtful) Kim Kardashian filmed a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J, and he continues to be single-mindedly obsessed with it ten years later. Exhibit A: Ray J's recent appearance at the Celebrity Big Brother house, where he wasted no time chatting about his tape with Kim.

"You might know me for a lot of things—music, reality TV, oh, and you might also know me for my dick," he said on the show. "People wanna know about the sex tape with me and Kim Kardashian. Order it, put some money in my pocket… Y'all still jerking off to the sex tape? Enjoy!"

Wow. What a guy. Understandably, Kim hasn't deigned Ray J's musing with a comment—but her best friend/CBB alum Jonathan Cheban hopped on Twitter.

It looks like Cheban is heading to London—potentially in order to visit the CBB house—so expect more drama where this came from.

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