This Year's Miss Golden Globes Probably Look Pretty Familiar

Points if you can guess who they're the daughters of.

Three daughters of famous Hollywood celebrity Sylvester Stallone
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The Golden Globes are upon us, and each year one lucky lady or gent (typically a child of a celebrity) volunteers as tribute to sashay across the stage as Miss Golden Globes. Except this year there are three women who will be taking the stage: Sistine, Sophie, and Scarlet Stallone—all of whom are the beautiful daughters of American icon Sylvester Stallone.

"Freaking out is an understatement," 17-year-old Sistine (an aspiring model) told People about the gig. "We were dancing, we were screaming, we got some music playing, the dogs were barking, it was amazing. It was so much fun."

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Sophia—who studies communications at USC—says, "The fact that our parents will be there, and the fact that my dad won last year, and he'll be able to support us while we supported him last year is a huge, huge, huge memory that we're going to all immensely cherish." (The youngest, 14-year-old Scarlet, rounds out the bunch.)

FYI, Sophia wants to run her own makeup line like Kylie Jenner before her—so watch out world.

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Mehera Bonner
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