Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's Epic Feud Just Got Even More Epic

"Are you playing me off? Seriously?"

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Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have been in a "feud" for 11 years now (opens in new tab), and the Oscars proved that things are still going strong—in the form of pure, unadulterated trolling, of course.

First, in Kimmel's opening monologue, Damon got a shoutout.

"Matt did something very unselfish and I wanted to commend him for it," Kimmel said. "He could have starred in Manchester By The Sea but he didn't: he gave that role to childhood friend Casey Affleck, and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead. That movie went on to lose $80 million dollars. Smooth move, dumbass."

Later, Damon tripped Kimmel in retaliation:

Then, in a series of videos in which Hollywood stars looked back at their favorite movies, Kimmel took a satirical spin by looking at Damon's We Bought a Zoo. "You can see him working. It's so effortful," Kimmel says about Damon's performance.

Later, as Damon took the stage to present (after being announced alongside longtime friend and collaborator Ben Affleck as a "guest"), music played every time he opened his mouth. "Are you playing me off? Seriously?" Damon says, before the camera goes to Kimmel conducting the orchestra. "Wrap it up! We want to go home!"

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Clothing, People, Collar, Coat, Photograph, Outerwear, Suit, Formal wear, Red, Style,

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