Everyone Is Extremely Thirsty for Young Justin Trudeau

Can you blame them?!

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As we've already ascertained from the below internet-breaking photo of his backside, Justin Trudeau—lovable feminist Canadian prime minister—has officially been promoted to World's New Boyfriend.

But please prepare your eyeballs, because Trudeau's alter-ego, Young Trudeau, looks like he stepped right out of the pages of a romance novel, and it's time to take a walk with him down memory lane.

Young Trudeau was a free spirit who made the case for zip-up turtlenecks being sexy.

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A man who unbridled both his passions *and* his flannel vests.

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"Hey girl, come touch my mane of hair," he seemed to say.

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"Don't be afraid to wear a statement necklace with your puffer jacket," he also seemed to say.

Wait sorry, not a puffer jacket—yet another vest.

Then there was that one time he took up shirtless boxing.

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And finally, the time he became a man and wore this outfit to his wedding. The End.

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Need more? Yeah, here you go:

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