'Game of Thrones' *Miiiiiiight* Have Just Killed Off a Very Major Character

How's this for a cliffhanger?

This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4, "The Spoils of War."

Game of Thrones has never been shy about killing off major characters. Season 1 ended with the death of Ned Stark, arguably the show's central character up until that point. Season 3 brought us the Red Wedding and the deaths of more Starks. This season alone, we've lost several Sand Snakes and the Queen of Thorns.

This week, the show ended on a huge cliffhanger: the possible death of Jaime Lannister. If your last name is Stark, Targaryen or Lannister, you are a very big deal in the world of Thrones.

In "The Spoils of War," Daenerys finally decided to take Lady Tyrell's advice and be a dragon—she rode her biggest, scariest dragon, Drogan, to confront the Lannister army on its way back from Highgarden. The battle that resulted was fierce—Bronn even injured Drogon using Cersei's special-made dragon-sized crossbow.

Near the end of the fight, Jaime spotted an opening, a chance to ride in and kill Daenerys, Mother of Dragons herself, and he took it.

Unfortunately for him, Drogon saw the attack coming and breathed a massive column of fire his way. Fortunately for him, someone (probably Bronn) leapt through the flames at the last second and knocked him into the water, saving him from being burned to a crisp. Unfortunately for all of us, the episode faded to black on a shot of Jaime falling into the water Jack Dawson-style, with his fate unknown.

We'll have to wait until next Sunday to find out if Jaime lives or dies—this is going to be a LONG week.

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