Jennifer Aniston: More Than a Pretty Face

Jennifer Aniston launches a new campaign to get kids off their butts.

jennifer aniston and smart water
(Image credit: Alex Wyman)

Some of us are a little grumpy about bottled water. I mean, "Smartwater"? Please. You know what's smart? Not paying for a bottle of water. But let's face it, Smartwater has a certain geeky chic, and its spokeswoman Jennifer Aniston has no doubt raised its cool quotient. Now she's taken her endorsement a step further: She has redesigned the label in support of a cause close to her heart. For every bottle with the limited-edition label sold in June and July, five cents will benefit Action for Healthy Kids, an organization that works with overweight children in America. Aniston spoke with MC about the campaign.

Q: It seems like you are always photographed holding a water bottle, even before your Smartwater gig.

A: Yeah. I drink a minimum of four of those sports bottles every day. If I don't, I notice a difference in my skin and my whole system. Everything works better if you're hydrated.

Q: You must be a water sign.

A: No, I'm Aquarius. Wait, is that a water sign? Aquarius is the Water Bearer. I guess I am! Anyway, water is one of those products I can get behind.

Q: Your thoughts on soda in schools?

A: Cutting down on sugary sodas is an easy fix. And it'll calm kids down. I just saw my friend this week, and her kids were with her. They normally don't eat sugar, but she was visiting my hotel room, and there was a bowl of candy there, so they had some. It was like these two Tasmanian devils were unleashed. Then came the crash. Sugar is a drug.

Q: Did you eat healthfully as a kid? Or were you, like, the doughnut queen?

A: I wasn't allowed to have sugar as a kid, so I think I never had the craving.

Q: So, never the urge for grape soda?

A: Well, I have my Diet Coke, or "brown monkey," as I call it. I got that term from a friend who drinks 12 a day. It's the monkey on my back.

Q: Did you exercise as a kid?

A: My parents had to beg us to come indoors. Now kids sit in front of the computer all day, even more than the TV.

Q: Your crayon-colored bottle label has fun with the brand. Did you play with your own "brand" as a kid?

A: Before I was 20, I drew those circles and hearts over the I's in my name. Now, the heart over the "I"? I don't think it would work for me.

Q: Do you and 50 Cent, a rep for Vitaminwater, ever fight about the merits of your waters?

A: Hmm. We've talked before, but no, water was not part of the conversation.

Q: No Aniston/Fiddy smackdown?

A: Sadly for you, no.