Learning the Language of 'Game of Thrones' Just Got Easier

Dothraki for dummies.

For all you diehard Game of Thrones (opens in new tab) fans out there, get excited. Your dreams of becoming a citizen of a Westeros just got a little bit closer. Living Language, a publisher of language courses, recently announced a new addition to their standard lineup of languages: Dothraki, the native language of the citizens of the Dothraki Sea. Living Language paired up with the man behind Dothraki himself, David Peterson, Game of Thrones's linguist, who debuted the course this past weekend at Comic Con.

While the language may be fictional, it's got some serious substance to it: it has thousands of words, and more continue to be developed as the show goes on. The course is three-fold: it's an app, an online course and a book, so no matter your preference, you can find a way to learn the language. For $20, you can get the standard package, where you have access to the basics, as well as 200 vocab words. For $30, you get over 500 words, a bunch of handy phrases, as well as the companion app.

As the Dothraki language was developed for a fantasy television show and not the real world, your Dothraki education will have some serious gaps. The biggest is the lack of modern terminology—you won't be able to discuss the trendiest social media network or converse with an Apple genius about your crashed hard drive, but after completing the course, you could manage with everyday tasks, such as ordering at a restaurant or chatting about the looming doom going on in Westeros. Much like the Spanish and French classes you took back in high school, we can't promise how much real life payoff taking the Dothraki course will have, but it is sure to impress fellow GoT fans.

Watch Peterson's presentation of the language at Comic Con (and attempts to teach it!) below.

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