Olivia Rodrigo Snapped Smooching Louis Partridge

It's a bad idea, right?

olivia rodrigo and louis partridge
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It's official, folks: Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge are making out. The Guts songstress was snapped getting smooched (with a side of ass grab) by the British actor, seemingly confirming the long-swirling rumors that these two were an item.

The confirmation comes just weeks after the Enola Holmes and Paddington actor was spotted at the Z100 Jingle Ball and Saturday Night Live in New York, where Rodrigo was performing in support of her latest album.

The pair first got people curious about their relationship status back in October, when the two were spotted walking the streets of London in friendly repose.

The news comes a year after Rodrigo's split from 26-year-old DJ/influencer Zack Bia and months after rumors that Partridge was getting romantically cozy with Sydney Chandler, his Pistol co-star (and the daughter of Friday Night Lights actor Kyle Chandler).

It feels pretty safe to say that whatever was going on with Rodrigo and Partridge's previous romantic relationships, all signs point to this duo being legit. And you know what? Good for them! I, for one, miss the excitement that comes from meeting and connecting with someone so organically and being playfully flirty in public.

olivia rodrigo and louis partridge

(Image credit: The Image Direct)

So good for you two, Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge! I don't know you, but I'm happy that you're happy. Because it's nice to see young love blossoming, isn't it? Given how much she's been through with men in the past, we're rooting for Rodrigo to have some fun. If nothing else, it'll be great fodder for the next album.

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