Paris Hilton Wins Fans Over With "Relatable" Joke About Her ADHD

The star has already been open about her diagnosis in the past.

Paris Hilton at an event
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Paris Hilton loves to make a little joke about her ADHD diagnosis when the opportunity arises, and fans absolutely love it.

Hilton shared an excerpt from the music video for her upcoming song collaboration with Rina Sawayama on Instagram, in which she's posing like a supermodel in a black leather underwear set with matching jacket and thigh-high boots (NGL, it's giving Julia Fox). She wrote over the video, "Me after responding 'That's hot' in a serious convo because I disassociated"

She captioned the post, "ADHD working overtime," adding, "'I’m Free' ft. @rinasonline out this Friday! Presave in my bio."

Fans were obsessed with this whole situation, with one person writing, "Oh Paris coming out as neurodivergent is just the thing I needed"

Someone else said, "you put the ATE in dissociated"

"Lol I’m definitely saying this from now on when my adhd gets the best of me," commented someone else.

Hilton has previously opened up about her ADHD diagnosis on several occasions in the past.

Promoting the 2022 documentary The Disruptors on Instagram, she wrote at the time, "So thrilled to have been a part of the documentary 'The Disruptors,' helping to change the mindset, misconceptions & discussions around #ADHD. ADHD has always channeled the most creative side of me & given me the drive and edge I needed to succeed. It can be a superpower if nurtured in the right way! Catch @ADHDDisruptors streaming online now! #WellnessWednesdays"

Hilton also opened up about her experience with ADHD in her memoir, published in 2023. "I wish someone had told me my ADHD would become my superpower," she wrote on X earlier this week. "You can read more about my experience with ADHD in my memoir now available in paperback."

Hilton is just one of many celebrities who have revealed their ADHD diagnosis, such as Simone Biles, Emma Watson, Barry Keoghan, and Trevor Noah, according to ADDitude.

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