Julia Fox Paired Her Low-Rise Denim With More Denim

Complete with denim-colored eyeshadow, denim boots, and a denim handbag.

Julia Fox in all denim look
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Well folks, it looks like Julia Fox is at it again. The Uncut Gems actor, influencer, future-author, and trend-setter has made another move in her one-woman campaign to bring back ultra-low-rise jeans and high-fashion Canadian tuxedos. I honestly thought we'd retired the very phrase "Canadian tuxedo," but here we are.

The problem, obviously, is that if these trends really do come back in earnest, no mere mortal will be able to pull them off as effortlessly or as stylishly as Fox does. The multi-hyphenate influencer was photographed in LA wearing head-to-toe denim—by which we mean she was literally wearing denim jeans, denim jacket, denim bra-top, denim boots, and carrying a denim satchel bag. She even matched her beauty look with denim-colored eyeshadow and nails. 

Julia Fox in denim blazer

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Julia Fox posing in denim

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Fox reposted several photos of her all-jeans 'fit to her personal Instagram, with the simple caption "Denim dreams." In earlier Instagrams, Fox has posted "tutorials" for recreating some of her wildest looks, including one that involved chopping the waistband off a pair of high-waisted jeans to make them low-rise and then wearing the waistband itself as a top. 

Truly, if nothing else, you cannot fault the lady for committing to a vibe.

Kathleen Walsh

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