Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Are Reportedly Reuniting for a New Reality Show

Please let this be true.

Model Paris Hilton poses with singer Lionel Richie's daughter, Nicole outside The Lounge club November 29, 2001 in West Hollywood, CA.
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Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are reportedly working on a new reality TV show that they will both be costarring in, 17 years after The Simple Life ended.

Production sources told TMZ that the new show has allegedly been greenlit, and that Hilton and Richie have been chatting about working together again for months.

Apparently, the show has already been sold to a streaming service after a fierce bidding war for it, and is being produced by James Corden's production company, Fulwell 73.

TMZ's sources also added that the new show won't be a Simple Life revival and will have a different concept, though they didn't share what that concept would be.

While I don't want to harsh the vibe, we definitely need to wait for an official, on-the-record confirmation from someone involved in the project before calling it a done deal, but there is one clue that it really might be happening: Both Hilton and Richie posted the same exact collage of throwback pics of the two of them on Instagram on Wednesday, leading fans to speculate wildly.

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Richie and Hilton starred in The Simple Life between 2003 and 2007. The show followed these two nepo babies as they traveled around America, getting their hands dirty working on farms, in fast-food restaurants, or in beauty salons. It was amazing, iconic, and unforgettable, and I have no doubt that any new project these two take on will be just as hilarious.

The alleged new show also proves that the two women's friendship is stronger than ever. Despite a short-lived feud in the mid-2000s, they seem to have been fast friends ever since (and long before).

Exhibit A: Last year, Hilton celebrated Richie's birthday with the sweetest message on Instagram. "Words can’t describe how grateful I am for our lifetime of friendship," she wrote at the time. Aw!!

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