Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were "Smiling" But With "Underlying Tension" on Date Night Amid Frogmore Eviction

I mean, it makes sense.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted enjoying a date night at L.A. private members' club San Vicente Bungalows on Tuesday, just as the news of their "eviction" from Frogmore Cottage was beginning to circulate.

While paparazzi photos taken of them that evening show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex smiling, one body language expert believes they wanted to put on a brave face for the sake of the cameras—which is more than understandable given the circumstances.

"It can be a tough enough call when your parents re-decorate your bedroom after you first leave home, so an eviction notice has got to sting no matter how rich, famous and grown-up you are," Judi James told the Mirror.

"Harry and Meghan’s response here seems to be a deliberate projection of non-verbal 'shrugging' i.e. smiling widely and laughing in the face of the recent Frogmore news.

"But this looks very much like a performance. These smiles appear to be over-kill rituals rather than grins that are prompted by authentic happiness. Meghan’s underlying signals suggest she has gone into 'vulnerable' mode, while Harry's are all about underlying tension."

James also observed that the Sussexes tried to look extra happy when they came into clearer view of the cameras.

"Harry's expression seems to change from one of wariness to one of beaming delight as he steps out of the car and faces the cameras," she said.

"His behavior suggests some anxiety and a desire to protect as he hops about, rounding his group up ... and ushering them into the venue."

To be honest, as someone with a distinct lack of a poker face, I can only admire the Sussexes' show of bravery here, when they knew they were going to make the subject of endless criticism.

Their date night came the day before news spread widely about King Charles evicting them from Frogmore—though they presumably knew about it before the public did, or at least you have to hope so.

While the couple live permanently in Southern California, they retained Frogmore as a secure base for their returns to the U.K. They now will have to come up with alternative plans should they wish to visit.

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