Palace Insiders Want to Block Prince Harry's Memoir, Reportedly

But there's not much they can do.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry's impending memoir release has cast a dark cloud over the Royal Family, and the drama over it has seemingly only just begun.

There is apparently a discussion happening among Palace insiders over whether it might be possible to block the book release and thereby avoid any damaging revelations the Duke of Sussex might have made in it.

"The question inside the Palace is: 'Can the book be stopped?'" a friend of King Charles' told the Daily Mail.

"It may be that even Harry can’t stop it at this stage but the feeling at the very top is that there’s no good that can come of airing grievances in public."

It's not exactly surprising that royals are worried about this book: They're still recovering from the revelations made during the Sussexes' Oprah interview, and Prince Harry didn't say nearly as much during that TV special as he will have done in an entire book. And we all know that he and his royal relatives aren't on the best of terms right now, so it's easy to imagine that he didn't hold back in telling the story of his life.

Still, there have been multiple reports of Prince Harry doing his best to delay his book release as well as potentially editing it in order to protect his family's reputation. However, with a multimillion dollar book deal with Penguin Random House to uphold, there may not be much the author himself can do to stall or stop the release.

In the meantime, the King and his entourage are staying on guard, including having lawyers on standby for damage control, as the Daily Mail reports.

For now, Charles will focus on what he can control. A Palace source told the Mail: "His Majesty will build on the points he has expressed to the nation: Now that the period of mourning is over, he will support diversity, promote community spirit and protect the space for those with faith and those without.

"He is mindful that, as King, his interests and passions will continue but that… some of his previous commitments will now continue in the trusted hands of others."

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