Prince Harry Is "Hustling" to Remove Certain Stories From His Memoir After the Queen's Death, Royal Expert Claims

It could be too late, though.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry's bombshell memoir has been delayed (or rumored to be delayed) more times than I can count, and royal watchers will be disappointed to hear that there may be yet another holdup following the Queen's death.

According to one royal expert, the Duke of Sussex may be trying to make edits to the tell-all book, so that he doesn't say anything that would cause too much offence to his estranged family members in the U.K.

"He is afraid that he’ll come off insensitive and he’s afraid that there will be backlash if he releases some of these stories right after the death of Queen Elizabeth as his father King Charles is trying to start his reign on a high note," Kinsey Schofield told GB News (via Express).

"We’re being told that he is hustling, trying to get some items removed, trying to work around some of the stories he’s told in his book.

"However, that just might not be an option at this time, if he really does want that fall release date close to Christmas to get the Christmas rush, those pages may already be on the printer."

There was talk of the memoir being published in December, but there have since been rumors that it may be delayed until 2023 out of respect for the late monarch.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle had released three episodes of her highly anticipated Spotify podcast, Archetypes, when the Queen sadly passed. The duchess paused the release of further episodes to observe a period of mourning, and Schofield claims that she is also making some changes to make sure she doesn't say anything disrespectful.

"I have also heard that there are edits being made to Meghans’s upcoming podcast interviews to ensure that nothing insensitive or insulting is said in the direction of the Royal Family," Schofield continued.

"According to sources, Harry did not anticipate so much love for the family over the last few weeks.

"Harry is intimidated by the reaction, so much love for his grandmother and so much love for King Charles and Queen Consort, Camilla.

"He was taken aback by that and that’s what got him into this whirlwind."

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