Prince Harry's Memoir Might Be Delayed Again Over "Truth Bombs"

But I want to read it???

Prince Harry
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When it was announced that Prince Harry would be releasing a memoir, it felt a little unbelievable: a first-hand, in-depth account from such a prominent royal? Unheard of!

Sadly for the curious souls among us, though, the book's release has been delayed—or rumored to be delayedso many times that it's starting to feel actually unbelievable that we'll ever get our hands on a copy.

The latest insight we have comes from anonymous publishing sources who spoke to Page Six, and suggested that Harry's memoir may be pushed back to 2023 after all.

Although a November publication date is still apparently on the table, as Marie Claire previously reported, one publishing pro told Page Six, "I have heard that Harry has some truth bombs in his book that he is debating on whether to include or not." They added, "So this [push back is] no surprise if he needs more time to work on the book."

Obviously, considering the gigantic splash this memoir is guaranteed to make on publication, it makes sense that Harry would feel he needs to be 100 percent happy with any and all revelations he makes within it. That said, the book has been completed, it was previously reported.

Another publishing source seemed to imply that a second issue is the scheduling: Harry will need to promote his book on the media circuit, which will mean carving out six or so weeks in his already busy schedule, so the publication date could be delayed to align with that.

Still other sources believe the memoir might be released in a "shock drop" to make the biggest amount of noise.

Although you and I might be curious to hear what Harry has to say about his life so far, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes the royal needs to consider the people who will be most impacted by his book launch.

"If there is to be any reconciliation with the Royal Family, it is essential that Harry’s memoir, which could be highly controversial, is postponed," Fitzwilliams tells Marie Claire. "It is far too soon for a memoir, and anything it contained, about Camilla for example, would make headlines worldwide and cause more difficulties for the 96-year old monarch who has mobility problems."

Since the book was announced, many commentators have remarked that it could hurt the Queen, as well as Prince Charles, Prince William, and the Royal Family as a whole.

But others don't think Harry will be overly critical of his family members. Journalist Kinsey Schofield, for one, offered the following theory: "I think Harry is going to try to tell a story about a young man who overcomes adversity—that’s truly what I think this is going to be.

"He is going to discuss the death of his mother, I believe, and he’s going to talk about how that affected him as a young adult, and how he turned that emotion into the leader he is today."

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