Princess Kate Acted as the "Tension-Breaker" During Coronation Rehearsals, Body Language Expert Says

Classic Kate behavior.

Kate Middleton
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Senior royals were at Westminster Abbey this week to rehearse for the upcoming Coronation on May 6 (so soon!).

All the royals present seemed in high spirits, though it's easy to see that some amount of nerves are rearing their head so close to the historic event. They all want it to go super smoothly, and for the day to be as drama-free as possible—as would anyone in their position.

"The royals have their own dramas recently but it looks clear from their body language at these Coronation rehearsals that they are planning to ensure everything will go hitch-free," body language expert Judi James told the Mirror.

Of course, the royals' current relationship with the Sussexes—and Prince Harry's planned appearance at the Coronation—are top of mind when we think of royal dramas these days.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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Still, the royals can count on one royal in particular when it comes to helping people relax in stressful situations, according to the expert.

"Kate looks very much like the ice and tension-breaker here, smiling and chatting to some of the more serious-looking staff," James commented, looking at photos from the day of rehearsals.

"William, George, Charlotte and Louis all seem to be flying in a very tight formation here, that is probably driven by levels of reliability, confidence and experience.

"Louis walks in first to keep his confidence and enjoyment levels high but close behind is the formidable-looking double act of William and George to keep a loving, watchful eye on the most playful member of the family."

James felt that William and George's behavior was especially telling, as the eldest Wales child prepares for his big role as Page of Honour for the King.

"William and George are dressed identically again here and their body language looks mirrored, which does create a serious note for them," she said.

"At the next Coronation it will be George’s turn to support his father and the one after that will see George himself in lead role, making them both extra-aware of their destiny as they take a glimpse into their inevitable future." No pressure!

While Princess Kate may have helped smooth things over on rehearsal day, elsewhere the Princess of Wales is not so interested in keeping the peace like she used to anymore, apparently.

"Kate doesn’t even recognize this person Harry’s become," a source recently told OK!. "The lines of communication are totally over now. Harry has said he doesn’t foresee him and Meghan ever returning to live full-time in the U.K.—and he shouldn’t expect a welcome mat from Kate and William if that ever changes."

Hopefully everyone can still be very nice to each other on Coronation day.

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