Kate Middleton Reportedly “Plays Peacemaker” to Save William and Harry’s Relationship

“There's a small glimpse of hope,” says an insider.

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Kate Middleton is reportedly trying to mend her husband, Prince William’s relationship with his brother, Prince Harry.

"It seems like she's [Kate] doing her best to get the brothers back on track," co-host Christina Garibaldi said on the podcast, Royally Us. Ever since Harry moved to the U.S. with wife Meghan Markle, the brothers’ close bond has been tested.

"There's a small glimpse of hope saving the brothers from never speaking again and that is Kate,” a source told the podcast. “She can sense that despite everything that has happened William still feels the loss of Harry. She's been frantically trying to play peacemaker but so far her efforts have proved unsuccessful.”

The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly went as far as to call Harry in California to suggest he reach out to William on his birthday, but sources say that the brothers are stubborn.

Christina added, "I feel like we get this, you know, kind of information every few months that the brothers are just not on good terms still. Other people say they are, I don't think we'll ever know what's going on between them but you know, you hope for the sake of family that two do get back on track."

Co-host Christine Ross added, "I think so many of us want them to, sort of, work it out and be on better terms because we've seen how close they were.”

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