We've Never Really Thought About What Dog Breed Reese Witherspoon Would Be, But Witherspoon's Thoughts on the Matter Make Sense

She's "not a Rottweiler," that's for sure.

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Reese Witherspoon is an actress, producer, business owner, and dog lover. Most of us can definitely relate to the latter, and that's the role that has led her to do a very special callout on her Instagram.

Witherspoon shared a video discussing what dog breed she would be, and asking fans to send any photos of pups that resemble her.

"I think I'm a Yorkie," Witherspoon said in the video. "Or, you know what I'm not? I'm not a Rottweiler. I'm not a Doberman Pinscher." She then admitted that, in a moment of self-reflection, she "could be a Golden Retriever."

"But that little Dachshund one, isn't it cute?" she added. "I saw one of those golden ones at the mall, and I picked it up, and I almost put it in my purse."

Haven't we all been tempted to do that?

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The Legally Blonde actress continued pondering her what dog breed she might be, before asking fans for their help in the very important matter.

"If somebody out there has a dog that looks like me, I will come meet your dog," she said. "Oh, I will. But, I've got to agree. Send me a picture. I will come meet your dog. I'm talking, like, a Yorkie. I'm talking like a mini Dachshund, one of the golden ones."

The chance to meet Witherspoon? Dog owners are no doubt dropping everything to send the multihyphenate pictures!

"But you're also going to need to change the name of your dog to Reese Witherspoon," she joked. (This is a reasonable request, just saying.)

Witherspoon also posted a photo of herself with a friend's dog as an example of what she's talking about. I have to say, the likeness is uncanny. That might just be Reese Barkspoon.

I'm not sure why she needs a dog lookalike when she's got a clone in her daughter, Ava Philippe. The two look nearly identical.

Aside from her mini-me, Witherspoon has two other children, sons Deacon and Tennessee.

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