What the Royals' Drink Orders Say About Them, According to a Behavioral Expert

Can you guess who's all about the green juice?

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For whatever reason, we're all a little bit fascinated with what the Royal Family eats and drinks. From their weird food rules to when they eat normal-person food in public, we like to pay attention to the hints they give us into their lifestyle habits (well, I certainly do, anyway).

Speaking to Marie Claire on behalf of Coffee Friend, behavioral expert Darren Stanton commented on some of the most prominent royals' go-to drink orders, explaining what exactly these beverages of choice say about them as people. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty juicy stuff. And I promise I only realized that was a pun after I wrote it. Promise.

Kate Middleton: Decaf Latte

Ordering a decaf coffee drink usually means you have a specific reason for avoiding caffeine, and that certainly seems to be the case with the Duchess of Cambridge.

"The concept of decaf indicates that a person is very controlled and self-aware, since drinking too much coffee can be an issue. Though, by ordering a decaf, this largely alleviates the effects of caffeine, while still getting a similar taste," Stanton says.

For the expert, Middleton's coffee order indicates two sides to her personality: her strength of character, as well as her fairly conventional manner.

"People that choose specific coffee orders with subtle tweaks as an option are also quite methodical, they like precision and they know what they want. This could be a nod to Kate’s assertiveness and growth as a senior member of the Royal family," Stanton says.

"The downside of latte drinkers is that their order is considered fairly bland. Little permutations and a generally basic starter pack drink for coffee lovers. This may suggest Kate isn’t the most adventurous, however, for someone with a very busy schedule full of daily routines these simple, easy to drink choices are perfect for a working mum."

The Queen: Earl Grey Tea

It's pretty well known that the Queen is partial to a cup of Earl Grey.

"Psychological research suggests that people who enjoy Earl Grey tea are linked to class and are mature in their personality," Stanton says, which when applied to the Queen, will surprise precisely nobody.

"The choice of an older generation, Earl Grey has fallen out of favour in the current trend of hot beverages. This sense of tradition also matches up to the Queen’s character and demeanor as the head of state," Stanton continues.

"A more acquired taste than other teas, this specific flavour is linked to power and strength.

"Being just tea, milk and water, less complex than many coffees, which symbolises simplicity, assertiveness and honesty."

Meghan Markle: Green Juice

It won't come as a huge shock to you that the California-born, bred and returned Duchess of Sussex likes her veggies cold-pressed.

"People that tend to consume weird and wonderful concoctions of juices are thinking firstly about their health and wellbeing. And although it is not disputed that certain fruits and vegetables in a smoothie can be beneficial, sometimes these personalities tend to be more obsessive than others," Stanton explains.

"There is almost an element of appearing more impressionable nowadays because of the trendiness of pressed juices and an 'Instagram-like' approach to life.  

"However, opting to drink juices over hot drinks is sometimes a more sensible option if made with fresh fruit and without all the additives—showing the person may be consciously thinking about the environment and the planet too." Sounds about right.

Prince Harry: Green Juice

British-born Harry isn't against trying something new from time to time.

"Reports from a couple of years ago have said Prince Harry used to just enjoy normal white coffee before switching to juice when moving to California," Stanton says.

"This switch is a good example of the change in cultures from the U.K. to the U.S., but also the modern drinker—not willing to stick to their ways with so much choice in the market.

"This resembles open-mindedness and versatility as well as being in touch with emotions in which different environments may determine mood and therefore how someone may act.

"The Californian lifestyle and the influence of his wife may have also been a factor in this, representing change and a separation from his royal duties in London compared to his new life in the U.S."

Prince William: English Breakfast Tea

Although we're not sure the classic breakfast tea is actually the Duke of Cambridge's preference, he does seem to enjoy a cup of the stuff.

"Prince William’s favourite hot beverage has never been revealed; however, he has been spotted drinking several cups of breakfast tea while on engagements. This is a no-fuss, very open to suggestions type drink that isn’t really about the flavour, but rather a goodwill gesture to receive to build rapport with those that make it," Stanton says.

"As a personality, drinking regular breakfast tea suggests stability and consistency, not for someone taking too many risks. This aligns with Kate’s decaf tea and what makes them a good match and their choices seem largely made to suit their roles as royals, where they continue to dedicate their time and efforts the most in their lives.

"Basic breakfast tea is a drink that is the maker of great friends and partners because what you see is what you get."

Prince Charles: Darjeeling Tea

Prince Charles' favorite hot bevvy sounds kinda yum, to be honest.

"According to reports, Prince Charles favours drinking Darjeeling tea with honey," Stanton says.

"This signifies someone has a personality that isn’t afraid to take risks in order to get what they want, considering Darjeeling is a spicier acquired taste. The honey seeks to soften the sometimes bitterness of the tea and is a cover to hide the real taste.

"Thought to have many medicinal qualities, such as boosting the immune system, calming the mind and body from stress. With its ability to help relax drinkers, those who opt to drink Darjeeling are big thinkers with creative ideas and are calculated enough to first analyse situations without making rash decisions."

Camilla Parker-Bowles: Cappuccino

Who knew cappuccinos said so much about someone's character??

"Camilla has been pictured in Italy previously with a cappuccino, a drink best suited to perfectionists who like being in control," Stanton explains.

"Cappuccino drinkers are people with highly demanding personalities. They can be risk takers, who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. However, they are not reckless, just more adventurous than others. People would tend to trust them because they will generally stay within certain parameters.

"A cappuccino drinker can be known to be slightly obsessive and overly sensitive when it comes to more personal aspects of their life in which they may feel judged, particularly in the public eye." Interesting!!!

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