Sarah Ferguson Shares It's Been More Difficult Caring for the Queen's Corgis While Recovering From Breast Cancer

She has five other dogs as well.

Sarah Ferguson
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When Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away last year, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were left in charge of her two remaining corgis, named Muick and Sandy, whom they had originally gifted to the Queen.

But the Duchess of York recently shared the difficult news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and that she had had surgery to remove it, which was thankfully successful.

As such, Fergie is currently in recovery, which makes it a lot more difficult for her to care for not only Muick and Sandy, but for her five other dogs.

The duchess recently addressed the corgis in particular on her podcast Tea Talks (via the Mirror), saying that they weren't exactly being patient with her.

"They're corgis—they’re used to people coming in and taking them for walks," she said. "So they look at me going, 'And your point is what? You’ve got your feet up, watching Wimbledon…'"

She added, "I did hear today that I’m allowed to do more walking, so they might be happy with me now. Having seven dogs, they don’t understand that perhaps I’m not as mobile as I was. So they’re going 'Hello. Come on. It’s all about me.'"

Sharing some beautiful scenic photos on Instagram later on, the duchess revealed, "I took all 7 doggies yesterday to where Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth used to walk them. It was wonderful to have a moment to remember."

Sarah and Andrew live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor, despite having been divorced since 1996. They were neighbors with the Queen at the time of her death, since she spent much of her time at Windsor Castle, though she passed away while at Balmoral in Scotland.

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