The Late Queen "Would Have Appreciated" the Modern, Loving Way the Wales Children Are Raised, Royal Expert Says

They are kept so safe.

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis
(Image credit: Matt Porteous/Prince and Princess of Wales)

Much has been made about the loving, modern way Prince William and Princess Kate raise their three children, and for one royal expert, the late Queen—and now the King—will be very happy that George, Charlotte and Louis are having a childhood that contrasts with their own.

Jennie Bond reminded us that the Queen was educated by governesses, and that she "broke with tradition" by sending Charles to Gordounston, with Charles and Diana breaking with tradition again by sending William and Harry to Eton.

Now, it's the Waleses' turn to reinvent what it means to grow up royal, for one by sending them to day school up until now, and being very present and hands-on parents.

"I’ve no doubt that both the late Queen and King Charles fully supported William and Catherine’s way of bringing up their children," Bond told OK!.

"They will have made it clear that for as long as possible they could put the children before royal duties."

She continued, "Although the Queen was a strong believer in tradition, and so is Charles, I think both recognized that their childhoods were not ideal—or at least they didn’t have the benefit of the modern, hands-on way of parenting."

By contrast, Prince William is deeply committed to mental health work, and Princess Kate does a lot within the realm of early childhood welfare and development, and both causes inevitably inform the way they raise their children.

"I think the late Queen would have appreciated, and the King does appreciate, the way these three young children are being brought up in a bubble of love, security, and as much normality as possible," Bond said.

"You always want the best for your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and I think William and Catherine—and particularly Catherine—would be the object of much admiration for the way they are nurturing their bright young family and embracing a slightly more relaxed approach to royal life."

Of course, as Prince George advances towards his destiny as the future King, things won't always feel as "normal" as his parents have tried to make them, but hopefully his safe upbringing will provide him with that solid foundation for years to come.

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