Rumer Willis Didn't Think Sharing Her Breastfeeding Journey Would Be Such a Huge Deal

She really didn't think she was being controversial.

Rumer Willis
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Rumer Willis is beloved for candidly sharing moments of her life with her followers, but sometimes, she says, people don't understand why she shares certain things—like photos of herself breastfeeding her daughter Louetta, born in April 2023.

"I didn't think it was that big of a thing because I grew up in a naked house," Willis explained to People in a new interview. "You know what I mean? I didn't grow up in a house where we had shame about being naked, ever. I didn't think I was posting that crazy of things even for me—I know I can be a little escándalo."

The House Bunny actress added that many commenters object to her breastfeeding pics because they deem them as "private."

She said, "I'm like, 'Really? How would you feel if I told you to lock yourself in a little cubicle at the airport when you wanted to eat?' I'm feeding my kid. It's not sexual unless you're making it that way."

Willis spoke to People as she participates in Cleobella's "Do It Like a Mother" campaign, which celebrates motherhood in all its iterations.

In a promotional video for the campaign, Willis said, "I do it like a mother with strength, courage, liberation, love, and compassion."

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The campaign is a beautiful fit for Willis, who believes wholeheartedly in supporting mothers throughout their journey of raising children.

"I think what we've really lost in our society is a lot of the community of support in motherhood," she said. "So I think, for me, what's so important, especially coming up to Mother's Day, is I want to create a more intentional community for women to be able to share their experiences, share their choices."

Willis shares Louetta with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas, and is part of the close-knit Willis family. She is the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and the sister of Scout, Tallulah, Mabel, and Evelyn Willis.

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