Selena Gomez Was Not Happy About TikTok's "Rude" Answer to the Question "Why Am I Single?"

I wouldn't be thrilled either.

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TikTok filters are super fun to play with—until they tell you stuff that's actually kind of mean.

Selena Gomez found out about this the hard way the other day, when she decided to try out the app's "Why am I single?" filter, which "Magic 8 Balls" you until it lands on the answer it deems appropriate for you.

After a nail-biting wait, Gomez was told that she's single because "you have bad taste," and the answer made her eyes widen and her jaw drop, leaving her totally speechless.

She captioned this video, "Well thats rude tik tok" and set it to "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, which is a frankly hilarious choice.

Fans in the comments were divided into two camps: those who were as shocked as Gomez by the answer, and those who kind of agreed with the filter.

"As your true fan... it ain't wrong sis!" one person said.

"you definitely need to higher your standards girl," said someone else.

"Dang that filter really didnt hold back," observed another.


Well thats rude tik tok

♬ Holding out for a Hero (from "Footloose") - Bonnie Tyler

Gomez most famously previously dated Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, and has also been linked to people including The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart, and Zayn Malik, though neither relationship was confirmed. This TikTok confirms once and for all that Gomez is currently single, in case you were curious.

To be fair, while "you have bad taste" is not a super flattering thing to say to someone, I still feel like it's a better answer than "you are holding on to the past" or "fear of intimacy." At least with the bad taste thing, you can blame it on other people. Look, I'm not saying that's more noble; I'm just saying it's gentler on the ego.

Anywho! That's it for me! More as we have it, etc.

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