Sydney Sweeney, Daughter of the Year, Pays Off Her Mom's Mortgage

"That was a really big thing for me to be able to do."

Sydney Sweeney
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It's always refreshing to learn about Hollywood success stories who aren't the so-called "nepo babies." Sydney Sweeney is one of the lucky few—and she says she has her parents, Lisa and Steven Sweeney, to thank for it.

The 26-year-old Immaculate star told Who What Wear she wants to help her parents after they supported her Hollywood ambitions. "I recently paid off my mom's mortgage," she said to the outlet. "As a kid, I always dreamt of being able to take care of my parents, so that was a really big thing for me to be able to do."

While Sweeney now lives in Los Angeles, she told the outlet she goes home to Washington to spend time with her family whenever she can. "I try to incorporate them into my life as much as possible, whether it's talking with my cousins every other day or going home," the Euphoria actress said. Sweeney's mom still lives in her hometown of Spokane, while her dad now lives in Mexico.

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The Who What Wear interview is far from the first time the actress has praised her parents, too. "My parents sacrificed so much to support my dream, and they lost so much during it. I just felt a responsibility to show them that it was worth it," she told Variety last August. The outlet notes that as Sweeney's star power rose, her parents filed for bankruptcy and got divorced. Sweeney also told Variety her mom "takes care of everyone" and worked multiple jobs while putting herself through school.

Family is super-important to the star—she recently got both of her grandmas to appear as extras in Immaculate. She's one of Hollywood's most in-demand actresses, but Sweeney will always be true to her roots.

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